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"Dear Bonnie" igigi.com/StyleBlog/index.cfm/Dear-Bonni Letters answered on living a bountiful life, now!
Body Positive www.bodypositive.com Award-winning body image website. Change your mind, change your culture, and let your body be. Home of the Health at Any Size web ring.
Fat Friendly Health Professionals list cat-and-dragon.com/stef/fat/ffp.html Contact info and reviews of health professionals that some fat people have deemed fat friendly or who declared themselves fat friendly. Tips on obtaining health care as a fat person.
Health At Every Size www.healthateverysize.info Blog with posts & archived recordings of the Radio Free Nashville "Health At Every Size" show hosted by Peggy Elam, Ph.D.
The Big Fat Lie the-big-fat-lie.blogspot.com A blog featuring a two-year intuitive eating project based on the HAES approach, incorporating whole foods and education about sustainability.
Kate Harding's Shapely Prose kateharding.net/ A fat acceptance (FA) and feminist blog created by Kate Harding; two other bloggers also contribute. Brilliant, funny writing. Unabashedly progressive, anti-sizist, fat- and body-positive site. HAES is a recurring theme.
Bountiful Women www.BountifulWomen.com, www.BonnieBernell.com Award winning site about bountiful living, now!
Healthy Weight Network www.healthyweight.net; and healthyweightnetwork.com Research-based, educational materials on how to understand and address the big picture -- obesity, eating disorders, weight loss interventions, quackery, self-esteem, body image, size positive resources, school health planning and solving problems in healthy ways. Health at Every Size handouts available free for personal and educational use.
Fat Chicks Rule www.larafrater.com Website for author Lara Frater, has information on her book "Fat Chicks Rule", links to her "famous" blog and column at IGIGI as well as links to social networking on myspace and facebook.
The-F-Word: Food, fat, feminism www.the-f-word.org Eating disorders education and awareness site promoting healthy relationships with food, weight and self-image. Related topics of fat rights, mental health and feminism also discussed.
Fat Chicks Rule fatchicksrule.blogs.com/fat_chicks_rule/ Fat Chicks Rule was originally a companion blog to the book by the same name but has now expanded to rants and information about all things fat in the world.
No Obesity Epidemic www.no-obesity-epidemic.org Ultimate web resource - new understandings: Caloric restriction is the cause of obesity; obesity is not genetic; obesity is usually benign; no obesity causing foods; gluttony does not cause obesity; inactivity does not cause obesity; childhood obesity is uncommon; a flawed BMI has led to the “obesity epidemic”; bariatric surgery is never indicated; a war on obesity is a war against all of us.
Body Love Wellness Blog (Golda Poretsky, HHC) www.bodylovewellness.com/blog Body Love Wellness is a program designed for plus-sized women who are fed up with dieting and want support to stop obsessing about food and weight. Through our non-judgmental, Health At Every Size counseling programs, we help you get off the dieting roller coaster and transform your relationship with your body.
thefatchick.com www.thefatchick.com This website is packed with free resources and information about exercise. This is a great place for people of all shapes and sizes to learn more about fitness.
Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian www.billingsgazette.net/h/blogs/nutrition/ My 2009 food-and-fitness upgrade - a gentle makeover - is a personal and professional exploration of Health At Every Size. It’s about my current health at my current size – and about my journey toward being even healthier at whatever size I am on December 31, 2009.
Nourishing By Heart www.NourishingByHeart.com Using Mindfulness To Transform Our Relationship With Food And Life- At Every Size.
Intuitive Eating Support Yahoo Group health.groups.yahoo.com/group/IntuitiveEating_Support/ This is a support group for all who've chosen the "non-diet" approach to overcoming emotional overeating & destructive dieting, & would like to discuss their struggles, joys, & other experiences. We offer a safe place for members to discuss things that they often cannot discuss with close friends or family because they simply do not understand. We are a very active group with over 1000 members.
"Food for Thought" Pyramids www.food-for-thought-pyramid.com Website highlighting Laura McKibbin's services including psychotherapy, public speaking and HAES-friendly products.
Mouthfeel: The Story of Fat peggynature.wordpress.com Michelle, a nutrition student dedicated to HAES and fat acceptance, writes about health, feminism, beauty standards, nutrition, food, and making friends with yourself. Also the occasional Public Service Announcement, an obsession with Richard Simmons, and random beer-brewing experiments.
Fat and Fit: Weight Limits of Exercise Equipment tgeller.com/fat-and-fit/ Fat people brave enough to face down snickers and stares at the local gym still face a game-ending question before they step on the treadmill: Will this equipment support me? There was no source of this information online, so I created it! I'll eventually modernize it and make it possible for visitors to update the information.
Happy Bodies happybodies.wordpress.com We are group formed at Carleton college because we wanted to talk about bodies. We wanted to talk about our own: what they look like, what they do, what we think about them. And we wanted to talk about all our bodies: health and positivity, discrimination, sexual violence, and power. We wanted a space to talk about bodies. So, here we are.
Mindfullness Eating Disorder Recovery www.mindfullness.com Mindfullness is an online community support forum providing resources and support for eating disorder recovery and size acceptance.
The Fat Nutritionist www.fatnutritionist.com Fat-friendly writing about food, liking yourself, and normal eating. Features include "Ask the Fat Nutritionist", "Diet Fads, Frauds & Quacks", and "Food Myths & Apocrypha."
AngryGrayRainbows angrygrayrainbows.wordpress.com/ We are a size-acceptance, pro-eating disorder recovery, haes, intuitive eating and abuse survival blog.
The Fat Personal Trainer www.biggirlsworkout.com Home of Theresa Bakker, ACSM-CPT, providing size-friendly information and support in pursuit of fitness at any size.
Shapely Prose Ning Community shapelyprose.ning.com/ A place for fat-positive people to interact and discuss topics of interest
Am I Hungry? amihungry.com/ Fearless eating/mindful eating articles, newsletter, blog, books, Am I Hungry? workshops, and workshop facilitator training.
FattyPatties fattypatties.blogspot.com A place where I write about my life as a fat woman and about public issues that concern fat people.
Kataphatic kataphatic.wordpress.com A blog about Fat Liberation Theology, generally from a progressive Christian viewpoint but more than welcoming of people of all (or no) faiths.
The Fat Girl's Guide to Living www.fatgirlsguidetoliving.com A life hacker for the full-figured set
Through Thick and Thin through-thick-n-thin.blogspot.com A blog/resource center for those with eating disorder and/or food/body image issues. The approach is based on the HAES foundation while incorporating education about developing a natural relationship with food/body through the path of intuitive eating.
Through Thick and Thin Forum throughthickandthin.myfreeforum.org An international online peer support group for those struggling with eating disorder and/or food/body image issues. The approach is built on the HAES foundation. Educational resources are available about eating disorder and healing through blending a HAES/intuitive eating approach.
PeopleOfSize.com, www.facebook.com/peopleofsize www.PeopleOfSize.com PeopleOfSize.com and sister sites FittingInKids.com and FittingInTeens.com is an online community that provides information, support, and interaction for "people of size" of all ages. We are not a diet site, though health and fitness are part of what we address. We focus on all aspects of life, from medical to fashion, relationships to daily living, entertainment to emotional well being.
My Body Joy www.MyBodyJoy.com/blog I started writing this blog as a testament to my journey to find joy in my body, regardless of the number on the scale.
Well Life Holistic Health www.WellLifeHolisticHealth.com As a holistic health coach I work with my clients to help them attain higher levels of energy, fitness and overall wellness by showing them how to fine tune their eating, activity levels and lifestyle choices to feel more energized and balanced in their daily lives.
WOMEN'S FICTION BLOG www.womens-fiction.com Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We Are told. Features posts on beauty, size diversity, health myths. Essays and short shorts about life in general.
Ciccioni Contro la Discriminazione cicciones.blogspot.com The only Italian blog focused on Size Acceptance, Fat Studies, HAES, policy and discrimination. Posts regard national as well as international news and SA stories, with occasional editing of campaign videos for SA.
My Unacceptable Body www.lillianbehrendt.com Blog exploring fatness in the media, fat-activism and the journey of fat acceptance.
Make Friends with Your Body www.MakeFriendsWithYourBody.blogspot.com Real-time events, and answers to questions about body image, self-esteem, and mental health from a Health at Every Size perspective. To meet Jeanne and other HAES practitioners in person, register for a FREE Make Friends with Your Body workshop (every 3rd Tuesday of the month in El Cerrito at noon).
Theresa Woodsong/author & teacher www.LivingLightForEveryBody.com I combine modern science with ancient wisdoms to help you feel more comfortable in your body, tap into the vast wisdom you carry within, and re-craft your life in a way that brings you more pleasure and joy. I offer online and phone support, tele-classes and workshops and personal sessions in Austin, Texas. I also offer Tarot readings and Feng Shui consultations.
VivaFat vivafat.com/ The Blog for Unapologetic Fat Chicks. VivaFat is written by a gal who believes that beauty, health and happiness comes in all forms and shapes. This blog is 100% FREE of diet tips, weight-loss secrets or similar crap.
ZaftigProject www.zaftigproject.com An online size appreciation community dedicated to providing a place where women and men will be able to know that they aren't alone, that many people have faced the same tribulations. We want to create a safe haven where people can feel safe to bare themselves, to fit in, to learn from one another, to ask questions about life without the humiliation that comes from a thin obsessed culture.
Author/Teacher www.LivingLightForEveryBody.com My work, Living Light for Every Body, combines modern science with ancient wisdoms. Classes and private sessions lead you away from the destructive mindset of dieting and deprivation to the creation of your own unique lifestyle. My mission is to support you in making lasting changes inspired by pleasure and joy, and allowing your body to gently settle at a weight that is right for you.
The Full Belly thefullybelly.wordpress.com/ Body Acceptance for Beginners
Body Bliss Central bodyblisscentral.com Resources and support to help you find peace with your body. Includes a free ten day EFT tapping course.
Kathleen Young drkathleenyoung.wordpress.com I write about trauma and its aftermath, body acceptance and incorporate HAES principles.
Tasty Morsels: by Dr. Deah Schwartz www.leftoverstogo.com/blog/ Forum for current events, personal stories and sharing information that promotes size acceptance and body satisfaction.
blogger fatfeministactivistartist.wordpress.com A means to follow the project and find inspiration and even contribute to my work, and the creation of Diet World...A massive installation which will educate about disordered eating and the value of self acceptance...Health at Every Size.
I Came to Run www.icametorun.com My blog focuses on resetting standards of beauty and expanding society's narrow definition of health. I share my experiences as a runner, yogini, and ED survivor in order to demonstrate that a healthy lifestyle is achievable and unrelated to weight.
Embrace:Me www.icametorun.com/embraceme My aim is to support individuals of all sizes while illustrating the ways in which the media and advertising send us messages designed to make us dislike our bodies and ourselves. In order to encourage body acceptance, I founded Embrace:Me, the goal of which is to spread the message that every body is beautiful and deserves to be loved right now, no matter what.
Communications of a Fat Waitress www.fatwaitress.com An idealistic diatribe written by a fat feminist.
Plus Potential and Power pluspotentialpower.blogspot.com/ I have a dream: to become one of New Zealand's first plus-sized 'Health at Every Size' personal fitness trainers. Follow me as I learn to walk the walk and talk the talk.
Food, Mood and Attitude www.foodmoodandattitude.com I am a psychologist and food lover, and I am passionate about understanding the links between food, mood and attitude! Specifically, I am keen to promote positive strategies for emotional and physical wellbeing, rather than the mainstream and media focus of punishing yourself with constant diets that don't work and that leave you with poor body image and low self esteem.
Kmom www.plus-size-pregnancy.org Information about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting for women of size
The Well-Rounded Mama www.wellroundedmama.blogspot.com Sister blog to the Plus-Size Pregnancy website. Information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, adoption, and parenting for women of size.
Amy McIntosh www.healthhungry.com Health and Wellness Education for everyone. From individuals, to organizations and societies - we are all hoping to be the best we can be. This begins with your own health and wellness, and carrys through to every group of interacting individuals. Health is so much more than a number on a scale; it is a term that touches every facet of every person's life.
Revision www.kharajabola.blogspot.com A HAES-advocating travel blog though Southeast Asia that covers topics ranging from body image to labor exploitation to socially conscious adventures. Written with an anti-imperialist, anti-kkkapitalist, feminist, and transnational perspective.
Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment www.shoreline-eatingdisorders.com We are an eating disorder tratment center, specializing in the compassionate care of disordered eating. We are committed to the HAES, and intuitive eating concepts and seek to support change for those who want to due to in their effort to strive for physical and emotional wellness.
ifnotdieting www.ifnotdieting.com This site has been created to provide help and support for people to: Achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight without being deprived of food or losing quality of life. To enjoy food without feeling guilty. Membership to this site is now FREE! Click on JOIN NOW to subscribe.
Sara Grambusch's Blog sarasexpletives.wordpress.com/ Body positive blog supporting eating disorder awareness, consciousness of media influence and HAES living.
Dr. Lyndsay's Blog drlyndsayelliott.blogspot.com/ Dr. Lyndsay's blog was created to provide resources dedicated specifically to food and body image issues. If you have questions or suggestions for the blog, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you! For those of you on Twitter, you can follow me at: http://twitter.com/DrLyndsay for more information and resources outside of what is posted through the blog.
Rowan TwoSisters www.urbancurandera.com Hottie Hooper Healer
Cinder Says Cindersays.com This is my blog that has quick tips to make life sweeter and reduce stress.
Maisen Mosley www.spirited-lady-living.com Spirited Lady Living is a safe place for all to come and find support, resources, guides, coaching and whatever else may be needed to recover from eating disorders, body image and self esteem issues. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy life. We offer Life and Self Esteem coaching, specializing in Eating disorders.
Be Nourished Blog http://www.benourished.org/blog/ Our passion is helping people explore how an enjoyable relationship with food happens naturally when the focus is more on nurturing the body and mind and less on dieting. We encourage a non-diet approach to food, weight, and health.
Be Nourished www.benourished.org Encouraging a non-diet approach to food, weight and health, we offer workshops to tackle topics like conscious eating, body acceptance and hunger awareness as well as counseling, yoga, and massage therapy to holistically complement the supportive atmosphere needed to realize long-term body acceptance, an ability to eat intuitively and the power to, psychologically and physically be nourished.
Feminist Pigs http://feministpigs.blogspot.com/search/label/food
The BeginWithin Blog thebeginwithinblog.com This is a blog for people who are in recovery from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.
Stop Chasing Skinny: Find Happiness Beyond the Scale stopchasingskinny.com Stop Chasing Skinny is a community blog. A destination for those who have found happiness beyond a size or the scale and want to share their story. You can share your story, too!
Qu'est-ce Que J D? http://rljd.tumblr.com Primarily a hip-hop blog, written by/for/about rappers and those who are excited about them, size acceptance and celebration of all bodies is a major theme in the life and work of the blog author, and never totally absent from any given post.
Radical Hateloss www.radicalhateloss.com Inspirting radical transformations in women's relationships with their bodies!
Balance Variety and Moderation RD bvmrd.blogspot.com/ I'm a Registered Dietitian helping you make peace with food. I believe that Intuitive Eating and that health can come in any size. I don't believe in diets or eliminating food groups. My goal is to make the complex world of nutrition and little easier to understand.
The Fuck It Diet www.thefuckitdiet.com Eating should be easy. Welcoe to the Spiritual Anti-Diet. Ditch diets and dogma and start living.
LOVE: This is My Body kristinscreationsmotherlovebone.blogspot.com/2015/08/love-this-is-my-body.html A moment of clarity in my journey to loving to move my body, to care for my body, to love my body, at every size
Delectable Dietetics delectabledietetics.wordpress.com Written by an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) who is passionate about the value of food and nutrition for health. The aim of the blog is to help clear up the nutrition and dietetic misinformation out there whilst improving your health and relationship with food and body.
The Healing Feet Blog www.healingfeet.com/blog Any and everything you need to know about foot health while battling disease, while getting fit, while just living!
Eating Rogue eatingrogue.wordpress.com An intuitive eating-focused blog that outlines my own personal journey breaking free from the dieting mindset and also attempts to deconstruct media representations of female beauty.
Health, Not Diets www.healthnotdiets.com Health, Not Diets is a support and community page for dietitians and nutritionists who use the non-diet approach. Contact info@healthnotdiets.com to have your practice listed in our directory.
Size Fabulous www.sizefabulous.com I am a body image coach and image consultant/stylist for plus size women. I work one on one with plus size women to help them build their confidence, self-esteem and help them develop a positive body image.
Strong is the New Beautiful! www.strong-is-the-new-beautiful.com Blog that inspires men and women to embrace their own bodies, reject the media's portrayal of the ideal body, reject health and fitness myths, adopt a holistic healthy style of living!
Modern Fat Blog www.modernfat.com An activist blog written by a licensed Naturopathic Physician. Ultimately, I hope for it to be a resource for health information and discussions for patients and health professionals centering around HAES and Size Acceptance. Submissions for post ideas will always be accepted and can be sent to drn@modernfat.com.
The Fat Midwife www.thefatmidwife.com A blog talking about birth, HAES, and fat advocacy. The author is a student studying to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).
Simply Savvy Supermom http://www.simplysavvysupermom.com Simply Savvy Supermom focuses on HAES-friendly fitness, gluten-free living, plus-size fashion, parenting, family and natural birth. We are all-inclusive and hope you'll join the conversation!
Body Positive Living http://www.bodypositiveliving.com Written by a licensed therapist, this blog offers tips and inspiration about HAES and living a body positive life!
The Body Nirvana www.facebook.com/thebodynirvana Conversations on the psycho-spiritual issues that influence our relationship with our body
Obesity Timebomb obesitytimebomb.blogspot.co.uk A blog about fat politics, fat culture, fat community and Fat Studies.
Big Bum Jumble www.bigbumjumble.blogspot.co.uk/ A blog documenting a plus-size, HAES-friendly, fat activist community jumble sale that took place in the UK in 2010.
The Fat of the Land: A Queer Chub Harvest Festival queerchub.blogspot.co.uk/ A blog documenting a fat queer DIY community event in London, UK, 2009. We took the idea of a harvest festival and ran with it.
ESRC Fat Studies and HAES Seminars www.dur.ac.uk/geography/research/researchprojects/fat_studies_and_health_at_every_size/ A website documenting and acting as a resource base for a series of UK government funded seminars about Fat Studies and HAES that took place around the country 2010-2011.
Fattylympics fattylympics.blogspot.co.uk/ A blog documenting a fat activist community event that took place in London, UK, 2012, to satirise and create debate and discussion around the Olympics, bodies and much more.
A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline charlottecooper.net/b/oral-history/a-queer-and-trans-fat-activist-timeline/ A web page documenting a multi-dimensional project that recorded a community history of fat activism.
Nourishing By Heart www.nourishingbyheart.com Nutrition education and wellness blog with a focus on self-compassion and mindfulness. Joy is available to everyone. HAES is a cornerstone to all programs and posts.
Northlondontherapist.co.uk www.northlondontherapist.co.uk I am an accredited and registered Humanistic Psychotherapist in London and I offer one to one, skype or telephone sessions to people wishing to find a comfortable, non-restrictive, accepting relationship with themselves and with food whatever their size or shape.
Eating and Living Moderately http://lauracipullollc.com/blog/ A blog helping you to achieve long-term dietary changes through health promotion, disease prevention, and personalized nutritional planning
Mom Dishes It Out www.momdishesitout.com Raising a child with a neutral mindset toward food and body image can be a struggle for any parent, whether Midwest mom or big city dad. Mom Dishes It Out recognizes the daily challenges faced by parents everywhere, from creating quick, wholesome meals to actually getting your kids to eat them.
Extraordinary Ordinary Joy mandidegner.blogspot.com/ Blog dedicated to promoting weight acceptance, body love, healthy movement, joy, self-care and mindful interaction with life
Phat Moves - Plus Size Fitness Resources www.phatmoves.com Here you will find dozens of DVDs, resources, and encouragement for fitness and enjoyable movement.
This One's For The Girls www.facebook.com/pages/This-Ones-For-The-Girls/514757658637638?ref=tn_tnmn http://www.change.org/petitions/department-of-education-california-ban-weighing-children-in-public-schools?share_id=iNcVDSDynL&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition
Body Image Positive bodyimagepositive.com An on-line and off-line community where participants are encouraged to share ideas related to the positive discussion of our bodies and question systems that may make self-love more challenging.
Body Loving swickramatilake.com/body-loving/ This blog covers topics on learning to love your body, media literacy, eating disorder awareness, and general wellness tips. Please come visit and feel free to comment!
Emancipating Sexuality www.emancipating-sexuality.com Size-positive Sexuality Support in San Francisco.
Amanda Dutton www.healthylifecounseling.wordpress.com Blog regarding mental and physical health and the mind/body connection from the perspective of a HAES supporter and lifelong "weight warrior". Expresses the need to address emotional aspects of wellness to be fully healthy.
How I've learnt to slay the black dog: a heroine's tale www.danameads.com.au/ive-learnt-slay-black-dog-heroines-tale/ A blog about my personal journey with bullying, suicide and depression. Themes are around body image, emotion, self-worth and compassion.
Your Glamorous Life www.yourglamorouslife.com Digital Artist. Writer. Blogger. Body Image Specialist. Relationship Expert.
Connect Massage www.connect-massage.com Connect Massage is a HAES/size-friendly practice based in Houston Texas. Not only do they offer full-service massage therapy but also personal training without size shaming or weight loss talk.
Size Unseen Nutrition Blog sizeunseennutrition.squarespace.com/sun-blog/ A HAES®-oriented dietitian providing her thoughts on health and wellness, body positive trends in the media, recipes, photos, and generally everything she feels is fitting for readers pursuing a Health At Every Size lifestyle.
PBisBetterThanED www.PBisBetterThanED.com A blog that focuses on living a happy, healthy life free of disordered eating or exercising behaviors. Kate is a 19 year old college student recovering from anorexia, now pursuing her passion for writing, cooking, running, and discovering new ways to meet people who share the same desire for a helathy lifestyle.
Unabashedly Out of Control feelingrathertookish.wordpress.com/ This blog is designed to share experiences of someone who is going through individual and group therapy and going through the Am I Hungry? Program. It offers perspective on the issues of sizeism, fat shaming, and dealing with being a person of unique size in a conformist culture.
Intuitive Living Blog presentperfectwellness.com/intuitive-eating-blog/ Intuitive eating, body acceptance, joyful movement, self-growth, stress management, HAES and related topics.
MOM Dishes It Out www.MOMDISHESITOUT.com A blog featuring mommy RD's and SLP's promoting positive feeding and eating to prevent eating disorders. This site speaks in a positive tone and encourages internal self regulation with an all foods fit model.
Jovonna (Chunkealthy Life) sites.google.com/site/chunkealthylife/home I want to share my knowledge of amazing food hacks that many people may not know about! I provide information such as: how sugar / natural sweeteners can be good for you and chocolate isn't unhealthy. It's all free because I am so passionate about this. I am not a personal trainer, but I provide amazing workouts to have fun and enjoy the numerous benefits of exercising at my site.
Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching www.seinberghealth.com I coach clients ready to make changes in their Holistic Health. My clients overcome emotional eating, gain more energy, rediscover their authentic passion for life, and find a healthy balance between work, play, relationships, and spiritual practice.
Nutrióloga Madona Berumen Www.facebook.com/LNMadonaBerumen/ I'm a mexican registered dietitian with a diploma en eating disorders and obesity.
Centre For Integrative Health www.cfih.com.au At the Centre for Integrative Health, we are dedicated to helping those with eating- and weight-related issues. A team of Clinical Psychologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists and Exercise Physiologists can help you to focus on improving your physical and menta well-being.
Thrive Nutrition Services www.thrivenutritionpdx.com Thrive Nutrition Services provides personal chef, health coaching, and nutritional counseling services with a HAES-friendly approach. The business is located in Portland, OR. Personal chef services and cooking classes are offered in person in Portland and the surrounding areas. Health coaching and nutritional counseling services are available both in person and online.
LovefulLiving - Love Yourself to Wellbeing www.lovefulliving.se Helping women (especially in Scandinavia) escaping the health-madness, owning their own body and finding peace with food and eating. Eating Psychology Coaching, Mind Body Nutrition Specialized in eating disorders and body image.
Fyldig.dk www.fyldig.dk The first danish community for plus size people
Liz Juneau, RDN, LD www.facebook.com/Liz-Juneau-RDN-LD-Licensed-Facilitator-Am-I-Hungry-Mindful-Eating-455840521131491 Facebook page

For a more in depth description of the name and information included in these web pages, visit the HAES Connections.

From Linda Bacon: I’ve created the HAES Pledge, Registry, and Resource List with support and advice from members of the HAES community. My intent is to strengthen the HAES movement: to help support people in adopting HAES and to help those of us in the HAES community get better connected and develop our ideas. Follow the link to learn more about my book, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. Or, to learn more about my work in general, visit www.LindaBacon.org.